Neurodivergence Programme

This Programme has been established to ensure that people with Neurodevelopmental conditions have access services that will enable them to live fulfilled lives, and to participate fully within their communities.

The key aims of the Programme are: 

  • To ensure groups are formed at a local level to support social interaction and employment opportunities
  • To reduce the number of people waiting for a diagnostic assessment
  • To develop and enhance the availability of preventative services
  • To provide appropriate and timely access to mental health and well-being services
  • To improve child to adult transition services
  • Further planning in terms of the requirements from the ALNWA Act around a fully inclusive education service
  • To ensure a common understanding and consistency across partners in the way data is recorded and analysed
  • Further analysis to plan for the needs of the region’s population
  • Engagement with people with autism and their carers to inform future service development
  • Better sharing of information between partner organisations and people, particularly in terms of the services that are available across the region.