Joint Working Journal - 4

Joint Working Journal #4

Welcome to the West Glamorgan ‘Joint Working Journal’!

Stay tuned for regular updates on our regional programmes of work and other interesting tidbits relating to the partnership space.

Welcome to the latest entry of our Joint Working Journal! March has certainly been eventful so far as members of our team have been out and about in the community running and attending various events. A key focus has been the implementation of our Emotional and Mental Well-being Strategy, and the ‘Turning Vision into Action’ session on 8th March helped shape the next steps for delivery.

Also, did you know that 13th March was Young Carers Action Day? We were pleased to join forces with Education and Social Services colleagues from across the region to mark the occasion and provide Young Carers with a platform to highlight the challenges they face and how services can offer support.

Keep reading for more on these hugely important events, as well as an update on what went on at the most recent meeting of Steering and Advisory Board 3 (SAB3) on 12th March.

  • ‘Turning Vision into Action’ – Delivering our Strategy

All eyes were on the topic of Emotional Well-being and Mental Health on Friday 8th March as we held our ‘Turning Vision into Action’ drop-in morning at Swansea’s Waterfront Museum.

The aim of the session was to bring organisations and the general public together to consider the practical implementation of the regional Emotional and Mental Well-being Strategy. It was a lively few hours which included interactive activities such virtual reality demonstrations, T’ai Chi and boxing!

There was a fantastic energy throughout the morning, which was followed by a dedicated workshop involving partner organisations and volunteers. Huge thanks to everyone who contributed!

  • Young Carers Action Day
Young Carers delivering a presentation

We were back at the Waterfront Museum on 13th March to celebrate Young Carers Action Day with partner organisations and Young Carers themselves.

Colleagues from YMCA Swansea and Neath Port Talbot Council supported Young Carers to share their experiences (both good and bad) on the day. Topics covered included Young Carer ID Cards, Young Carers Champions and the general awareness and good practice with regards to Young Carers and their needs in education.

The moving and powerful stories of the Young Carers made for an inspiring day – well done to all involved!

  • Steering and Advisory Board 3 (SAB3)

SAB3 covers two regional programmes of work – ‘Children and Young People’ and ‘Neurodiverse’. Both programmes are in the early stages of developing regional strategies with support from Co Pro Lab Wales to help plan the approach to engagement.

SAB3 met on 12th March to discuss the strategy development process and were treated to a new digital story outlining the work of the Faith in Families ‘Brighter Futures’ project. The project is funded via the Welsh Government’s Regional Integration Fund (RIF) and offers support for young people struggling with their emotional and mental well-being.

Take a look! 👇

Thanks for reading – we’ll be back with another update after the next SAB!