Our Partnership’s remit comprises a series of work programmes focusing on specific topic areas. These programmes bring organisations and volunteer representatives together with the aim of transforming and improving services on a regional basis.

Communities and Older People’s Programme

This is a new Programme of work for West Glamorgan that focuses on the development of new models of financially sustainable and integrated community health and care. 

Carers’ Partnership

There are over 50,000 Unpaid Carers across the West Glamorgan region, many of whom provide care which prevents the need for health and social care interventions.

Well-being and Learning Disability Programme

The aim of this programme of work is to give children, young people and adults with a Learning Disability a sense of belonging and the ability to participate in an inclusive community.

Emotional Well-being and Mental Health Programme

Preserving good mental health is a crucial factor in being able to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Every one of us is affected by issues relating to emotional well-being and mental health, whether we’ve experienced struggles ourselves or have supported someone else. 

Children and Young People’s Programme

This Programme focuses on Children and Young People (CYP) who require support from health and social care services, such as Looked After Children (those under the care of the local authority) and CYP with complex needs.

Neurodiverse Programme

This Programme has been established to ensure that people with Autism and Neurodevelopmental conditions have access services that will enable them to live fulfilled lives, and to participate fully within their communities.