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Well-being and Learning Disability Programme

The aim of this programme of work is to give children, young people and adults with a Learning Disability a sense of belonging and an ability to participate in an inclusive community.

The intention is to ensure people have access to additional support in order to reach their full potential, and to eliminate barriers and inequalities.

To fully address the transformation of services for the learning disability population, the West Glamorgan Learning Disability Programme was established in 2021. The programme is led by a Board where membership includes Third Sector Organisations, people with lived experience, parent carers, and representatives from Swansea Bay University Health Board, Swansea Social Services, Neath Port Talbot Social Services and Education.


Children, Young People and Adults with a Learning Disability in West Glamorgan have a sense of belonging and can participate fully within inclusive communities; they have access to additional support to imagine and reach their full potential and current barriers and inequalities experienced by people with a learning disability in West Glamorgan are replaced by an active assertion of their Human Rights.

The Learning Disability Programme Board aspire to build on previous successes and make changes where needed to transform services, enabling people with learning disabilities to have fulfilling lives based on what matters to them.

The Board plan to continually learn from children & young people and adults with learning disabilities. To achieve this, they will use co-production principles to work in partnership, listen, respect, and properly support the learning disability population.

Current Work

The Learning Disability Programme Board are in the process of coproducing a 5 year regional Adults Learning Disability Strategy and supporting action plan.

The action plan will provide the Learning Disability Programme Board with future priorities and projects to be developed over the lifespan of the strategy.

The Learning Disability Liaison Forum is in the process of being set up to provide more co productive opportunities for adults, children and young people with learning disabilities to enable them to have a voice in decision making on matters that affect them in the region.

The Learning Disability Strategy and Action Plan will be live documents which will be monitored and reviewed regularly by the Learning Disability Liaison Forum and Learning Disability Programme Board.

The Learning Disability Programme provides a complementary function to the purposes of the other programmes within West Glamorgan including Transforming Complex Care and Children and Young People, Carers, Emotional Well Being and Mental Health.