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Easy Read Glossary

West Glamorgan’s Wellbeing and Learning Disability Programme Board and Learning Disability Liaison Forum have put together this easy read glossary.


The hard words in this glossary are words that have been used in meetings and written information, that we have been unable to avoid.

Each hard word has a meaning.

Some of the meanings have come from the Learning Disability Wales Definition Dictionary: Easy Read Definition Dictionary

Other meanings have come from working with members of the Wellbeing and Learning Disability Programme Board and Learning Disability Liaison Forum.

More hard words will be added to the glossary when they come up in meetings and meanings are agreed for them.


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24 Hour Outreach

A service that helps people in need, anytime day or night.



Something that be used and understood by everyone. For example, Easy Read.

Accessible Housing 

Accessible housing is good for disabled people to live in.

Accessible Places 

Accessible places are easy to get into or around.

This includes buildings, parks and streets.

Accessible Transport 

When buses, trains, stations and taxis are easy to use for disabled people.


A place to live or stay. It could be a house or a flat.

It could also be a care home or a hotel.


When someone helps you and speaks up for you to say what you want to say and make things happen. 


Someone who speaks up for you to help you say what you want to say and get your needs met.

Annual Health Check 

Visiting the Doctor every year so they can check you are healthy. 


A piece of writing.

Assistive Technology

Equipment that helps disabled people live their lives more independently.



Means people who are black, Asian or other ethnic minorities.

They may come from a different country of have a different skin colour.


Something that stops us doing something.

Barriers can include money or where a person lives.

Baseline data 

Information at the start of a project or piece of work.

Board Members/Board Membership

People who sit on the Programme Board and are involved in the meetings, making decisions and working on projects.


Capital Plan

A plan for building homes in the West Glamorgan area.

Case Studies 

Real stories about real people.

They give examples about what has worked for people.


The person who runs the meeting.


Someone who is a great supporter of a cause.

Changing Places 

Accessible toilets and changing rooms for people who need a lot of support.


Another word for rule.

Collaborative Working 

Two or more organisations working together.


Commissioners decide who will get money to run public services.


The way services are planned, organised and paid for.


A group of people living in the same area.

Complex Needs 

A person with complex needs may:

  • Have more than 1 disability
  • Have health problems
  • Not use words to talk
  • Behave in a way that other people find difficult


A large meeting.


When staff and people who use services work together to make decisions and decide how services will be run.  

Co-production Charter 

A promise to make sure co-production happens in all West Glamorgan programmes.

Co-Production Framework 

Gives information and ideas about co-production.

Co-production Toolkit 

A list of ways to make sure co-production is being followed. 


Direct Payments

Money the council pay to you instead of a service.

You can use it to buy your own support and services.


Draft means it can still be changed.



Another word for taking part.

Equal Opportunities 

Means everyone has the same chances in life.


To check something is doing what it should.



A person who helps a group of people talk through things and work together.

Focus Group 

A group of people with an interest in something.

They meet to talk about a certain issue or decide on an answer to a question.


A meeting where everyone can speak and share ideas.


The organisation that gives money to provide the service.


Money that organisations can get to help them do their work.



The way that rules and systems are organised and put into place.

Grant application

Asking for money to pay for a project or a piece of work.


Advice and information that will help you understand things.


A set of rules on how to work.


Health Inequalities 

People who may be at risk of being treated unfairly with health care.

Human Rights 

Rights that every person has.

For example the right to be alive and right to get an education.

Hybrid Meeting 

A meeting where people can join online or in person.



Putting a plan into action.

Improving Lives, Specialist Services Project 

This project has been set up to work at making services better for people with complex needs so they can live in the community.


Everyone can be involved and has a fair chance.


Joint Operational Policy

Swansea Council and Neath Port Talbot Councils and Swansea Bay University Health board will work together on a project for Learning Disability Community Teams.


Learning Disability 

People with a learning disability find it hard to learn some things.

Liaison Forum

A group of people with an interest in something.

Everyone in the group can speak and share their ideas and experiences.

The group can give feedback on something.

Lifespan Positive Behaviour Support Family Education Pack 

Help for families on understanding why a person behaves in a challenging way and trying to sort out the problem.

Local Authority 

Your council, they provide services in your area like social services, education, roads, lighting and rubbish collection.


Mental Health

How someone is feeling in their mind.


Small organisations that employ less than 10 people.


National Health Service (NHS)

Looks after our physical and mental health – our bodies and our minds.



The things we want to do over an agreed time.

Out of County

Not in the area you live, for example outside of Neath or Swansea local authority areas.


The result someone can expect from a project or piece of work.

Outcome Focused

Putting the person at the centre, asking what is important in their life.

Making sure that everyone is working together to achieve a better quality of life for the person.



Means being involved, being listened to, having a say in how services are run and making choices about things that affect you


Organisations who work together.

Peer Mentoring

Two people with similar interests, helping each other.

One person will have more experience than the other.

Peer Support

A group of people helping each other.

Pilot Projects 

Small projects to test ideas or ways of working.


Written documents that say the rules about how we do things.

Pooling Budgets

Money from different organisations will be put together to plan and improve services.


When someone shows and talks about something to a group of people to share information and tell a story.

Preventative Measures

Things that are put in place to stop problems from happening.


Things that need to be done first.

Programme Board

A group of people who work in Health and Social Care within West Glamorgan or have lived experience.

The Programme Board make decisions about the work for the Programme.


Projects help us: 

  • find out new things 
  • share information
  • find new ways of working.


Providing a service.

Public Service Boards

Are set up in each area of Wales.

They make sure the work is being done of the well-being goals.


Reducing Restrictive Practices Framework 

A plan about services using less restrictive practices.

Restrictive practices are when people try to control your behaviour by stopping you from doing things.

It can be things like holding you down, or putting you in a room alone.

Regional Integrated Funding 

Money to pay for health and social care projects in a region.

This region is Swansea and Neath Port Talbot.

Regional Partnership Board 

Brings together Health Boards, local Councils the Third Sector and citizens to meet the care and support needs of people in their area.


A person that represents others or organisations.


Useful things we have or own. For example information, money and staff.


To look at something again.



When people are kept apart.

Social Care 

When people have support to live in their home.

Social Care is also day centres and social workers.

Social Model of Disability 

The Social Model of Disability says that the way society works can stop disabled people from doing things non-disabled people do.

Social Services 

A service provided by the local council to help people when they need help and support in their lives.

Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014 

A law that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of:

  • People that need care and support 
  • Carers who need support 


A person, group or organisation with an interest in the project or area of work.

Statutory Organisations 

An organisation set up by law.

Steering Advisory Board

A group of people who work in health and social care within West Glamorgan partnership or have lived experience.

The Steering Advisory Board are told about the work and decisions of the Programmes Boards, they also help if a Programme Board is stuck on a piece of work.


A plan to achieve certain aims,

OR a plan of what needs to be done to make a service better.


Showing how something is put into place.


Task and Finish Group

A piece of work or a project that has a start and finish time.

Terms of Reference

The rules for how a group or meeting should be run.

Third Sector 

Another name for voluntary, charity or campaign organisations.

Transition Process

Time for a big change in life

OR when a child grows up and becomes an adult, they will move from children to adult services and may need support to go to college, move house.



Money that hasn’t been spent.

United Nations 

An international organisation made up of most of the countries of the world.

United Nations Convention of the Rights of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD)

This is a plan that disabled people have the same rights as everyone else.

It says what governments should do to make sure disabled people have the same rights as other people.



A vision says what the piece of work/strategy wants to achieve.


Welsh Government

The Government for Wales.

It has Ministers who are in charge and makes sure laws and policies are carried out.


People come together to learn and use new skills to solve a problem or work on a project.