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Population Needs Assessment 2022-27

The Population Needs Assessment (PNA) is a joint exercise undertaken by health and social care partners to gather information on people’s wellbeing and the barriers that prevent them from achieving a sense of well-being.
It also aims to determine people’s care and support needs (including gaps in such provision) in order that services can be developed and targeted accordingly.

Part 2 of the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014 indicates that Population Needs Assessments (PNAs) must be compiled on a regional basis and made available in the form of a report. The first Population Needs Assessment was published in 2017, prior to Bridgend’s departure from the former ‘Western Bay’ region.

We’ve now had the opportunity to refresh the content as the West Glamorgan Regional Partnership Board (RPB) in line with the prescribed five year cycle outlined in the Act.

The PNA requires all RPBs to gather and analyse information that will aim to identify: 

  • the extent to which there are people in the region who need care and support
  • the extent to which there are carers in the region who need support
  • the extent to which there are people whose care and support needs are not being met
  • the range and level of services required to meet the care and support needs of the population, and the needs of carers
  • the range and level of services required to prevent people from needing care and support or higher levels of care and support
  • the actions required to provide services through the medium of Welsh.

The introductory chapter provides more information on the approach taken within West Glamorgan.

Click on the images below to access the individual chapters of the Population Needs Assessment.

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