Resources for Organisations

Are you an organisation interested in involving volunteers? We have a suite or resources such as developing opportunities, expenses, Welsh language and much, much more!

Volunteering in Care Homes – Good Practice Guide

Explore a comprehensive guide that outlines the ways in which volunteers and the third sector can contribute meaningfully to a care home. Gain insights into crucial factors to consider when contemplating the engagement of volunteers, along with various options to guide your subsequent actions.

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Video Case Study

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Training Resources

As part of the WGVS Project, a suite of training materials have been developed for use by volunteer involving organisations as part of their induction of volunteers. The modules are designed to be flexible, allowing organisations to adapt and reference their own policies and procedures. The modules are intended to be interactive, enabling those attending to participate and for the facilitator to check understanding and learning through a range of methods.

Each module can be used as a standalone module or alongside the other modules within the pack.

Who are the training packs for? They’ve been developed to assist volunteer involving organisations with their induction of volunteers.

What does the training pack include? The pack consists of 5 modules. Each module consists of a power point presentation, session plan, detailed trainer notes and activity pack.

The modules available so far are:

How to access the Training Packs:

To request a free copy of the pack or packs, please contact*:

* Please reference WGVS Project Training packs in your email subject.